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From low key and minimal to extensive hairstyle, our beauty salon in Anchorage, AK, has you covered for the picks that make you feel like a diva. Visit Salon Ginger!
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''If you are searching for a way to transform your dismal and dull looking hair into a bright and trendy masterpiece, the hair stylists at Koala Hair Company in Anchorage, AK, have the skill and techniques to provide cuts, colors and styles that give you a new-found confidence.Owner and stylist Graeme Pincott uses his training and background with the New Zealand beauty industry to provide clients with unique and creative cuts and colors that will increase self-esteem and provide an experience as individual as the clients he takes on. He travels around the world seeking out new ways to expand his knowledge and give clients back home an unforgettable experience when stepping into his hair salon. Known for his quality hair color correction and marbleizing techniques that create dimension and melts colors together, he promotes creativity and undivided attention throughout every step in the process.Each of the hair stylists on staff use enthusiasm and creativity to fuel their passion. They have extensive experience and take the time to get to know clients on a personal level, so they are able to provide styles that flatter face shape and personality. From fierce and edgy to cute and bubbly, they provide cuts and colors that clients will love.Whether you are blonde, red, brunette or somewhere in between, the staff will give you vibrant and sleek hair that you are proud to show off. Contact the hair stylists at Koala Hair Company and have them help to create the best ver